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Success Stories


See how we help businesses across New England with their complex Cybersecurity & Managed IT Services problems.

Helping A Local Manufacturing Organization Keep Their DOD Contracts 

This multi-generational family run manufacturing company located in Connecticut was started in the early 1950s and has thrived by producing specialized parts for upstream contractors to the Department of Defense.  They employ many local citizens with some being office employees and others working on the shop floor.  

With the upcoming CMMC 2.0 changes it became clear  that they needed to step up their IT and cyber security game to remain a viable entity which produced products for the federal government.


Lowering a Businesses Cyber Liability Insurance Premiums

This client serves the express car wash market and is growing very quickly.  They strive to be the premier express car wash provider in the Northeast.  They currently have 10 express car wash locations with plans to more than double that number in 2023.

This client came to us after applying for cyber liability insurance and learning that they were not doing most of the responsible things necessary to protect their valuable corporate, investor and client data.  While they were issued a policy, the limits were low and the premium was high.


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